Revenue from Sales of Apps Is Expected to Soar in 2013

Gartner Inc., a technology research company, estimates that revenue from the sale of apps will rise an astounding 62 percent in 2013 to $25 billion.  Apps consumers spend an estimated two hours per day using them.  While the industry was focused on U.S. consumers initially, it has become global.

The apps industry is dominated by large established companies such as Google and Apple, and to a lesser extent Microsoft and Amazon.  The huge number of apps available and the dominant position of several companies mean that marketing plays a key role in driving the demand for a particular app.  The importance of shrewd marketing is also crucial in light of how apps users only use about eight apps on a consistent basis.  But the cost of acquiring new users through advertising has risen by double-digit figures year-over-year, causing some companies to review and revise their analytics and data management practices.

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