Renova Health Network Expands to Include Spine Specialists

Renova Health recently expanded its physician network to include spine specialists. The company’s increasing reputation in providing premier hand and foot care has made it one of the leading orthopedic networks in Texas. Now, Renova has incorporated fellowship-trained, board-certified doctors to treat spinal disorders related to back and neck pain and to provide its network with high quality personalized spinal care.

Renova’s skilled specialists utilize low risk non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures to realign vertebral discs and relieve pressure on spinal nerves. In recent years, micro-invasive surgery has replaced traditional open surgery as the preferred method of treatment for spinal conditions such as myelopathy, pinched nerves, sciatica, kyphosis, spinal tumors or herniated discs. The company’s signature AccuCision® method is a cutting-edge micro-invasive procedure that allows surgeons to bypass complications encountered during open surgery and minimize postoperative trauma.

Micro-invasive techniques, like AccuCision®, have been known to increase recovery rates by preventing scarring of surrounding muscle tissue and lowering the risks of complications experienced during open surgery. Conventional open spinal surgery requires a retraction of muscles and soft tissue in order to expose the spine, increasing the patient’s likelihood of developing an infection and postoperative pain. Renova’s qualified surgeons are trained in using specialized instruments to ensure decreased blood loss and infection rates.

A recent study comparing minimally invasive and open spine procedures found that open surgeries usually averaged about 3 hours and resulted in 400 to 500mL blood loss. In comparison, minimally invasive procedures lasted about 75 minutes with a tenth of the blood loss.

Less invasive procedures are proving to be safer and provide significant cost-savings for patients. “Renova maintains its commitment to providing high-quality, in-network treatment for neuropathic pain to as many patients,” explains Kelly Drewry, CEO of Renova Health. “Approximately 1 out of 3 U.S. adults, nearly 70 million people, suffer from back or neck pain. We want to be able to offer affordable, expert treatment to as many of them as possible.”

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