5 Reasons To Move To Owasso, OK

Owasso is located in the Tulsa county of Oklahoma and is the largest city in the county. Residents of Owassa are surrounded by serenity, vegetation, lakes and hills. Its atmosphere is also very good. Every season is marked by observable changes and therefore, those in need of noticing the change in seasons will be at the right place. The city’s population comprises of whites, blacks, Asians, Native Americans among other few ethnic groups, with whites occupying a higher percentage of 66%, blacks 3 %, Asians 2% while Native Americans represent 7 % of the population. There are still other races in the city, meaning that it has attracted people from different parts of the world. In the calculation, the median home value is estimated at $ 148,600 while median income is $ 64,186. Owasso began as a settlement with a very small population but the population has gone up and business activities improved over the years.

Reasons why You should move to Owasso

Many people have already settled in the place and the following are some of the reasons as to why moving to the city is the best decision one can make.


Owasso has both private and public schools, all of which are up to the right standards. This means that one does not have to worry about schooling of kids once a decision to move to the city has been made. There are 132, 42 and 26 public elementary, public middle and public high schools respectively. All the schools are meant to serve the ever growing population of the city. The schools are divided according to the districts in the city. More than 7, 000 students attend public schools in Owasso. There are also 60, 1 and 3 private elementary, private middle and private high schools respectively, with approximately 14 000 students attending the schools.

Real Estate

Many investors have constructed houses in the city mainly to serve the large population of people. The house rent per month is affordable as it with the monthly average rent being $865. Buying a home in the Owasso is also affordable since the majority of the houses costs less than $200 000. In the city, only 60% of the houses are occupied by their owners. This means that rental houses are in plenty and therefore one can be sure of getting access to a better home.

Business, employment and industries

Being a better place for living also indicates that it is the best place for working. People get employment in corporate offices, subsidiary and regional managing office as well as in religious organizations. Private businesses also thrive well in the city. This has made the economy of the city to grow very fast.


Owasso, boasts possession of qualified doctors specializing in areas like surgery. Although the number of doctors in the city are not that high, the available ones are capable of handling the health issues of the residents. Residents also practice healthy lifestyles and therefore there are very minimum cases of acute diseases.


For lovers of music, there are live performances in places like Brady Theater, where famous musicians come to perform live. Entertainment is therefore in plenty.

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