• How Google’s Chrome Ad-Blocker Could Change Digital Advertising

    In February 2018, Google will put into effect the Better Ads Experience Program, which was established in the middle of last year. As a result, there will be a number of changes in the way we’re

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  • 6 Ways A Market Research Company Can Help a Business

    Do you want to venture in an industry, which is a niche or crowded with big players already? Do you wish to make space for your company in the industry along with assured success? Then, the

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  • Key Differences between Mangers of Co-located and Virtual Teams

    Financial crunches across the globe have forced businesses to become very conscious about picking members of their project teams, which has contributed significantly in growing trend of virtual

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  • Book Review: Start-Up Advice for Lawyers in “How David Beats Goliath”

    Opening up a contingent-fee law practice that deals largely with personal injury claims is admirable, but not often lucrative. Michael J. Swanson, author of How David Beats Goliath: Access to

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  • Why Lawyers Must Start Blogging

    There are some careers that are associated with wealth and success as the services of these professionals is always in demand. Law is one such profession. However, the flooding of the market with

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Making Better Business Decisions

A recent Financial Times column explored the way subtle biases can affect a person’s judgment.  Two brothers, Chip and Dan Heath (they are also professors) describe these biases with the acronym