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  • Health Care Companies Benefit From Tax Cut Package

    Health care companies are going to rake in a lot of extra money thanks to savings from the Republican tax cut package. But, unfortunately, patients won’t. Even though one could expect a lower

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  • Garza Harris – Three Tax Credits To Save You Money

    Joe Garza of Garza & Harris, a prestigious tax law firm in Dallas, Texas goes over three tax credits that almost anyone can take advantage of. 1. Earned income tax credits The earned income

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  • Trump’s Newest Tax Cuts?

    President Trump raised expectations Sunday about Republicans’ timetable for finishing tax change, showing he expects the starting at yet unwritten redesign of the expense code around his

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  • Trump Plays Nice With Democrats Before Tax Proposal

    Republican leaders in Congress are moving forward with tax reform, releasing a framework of a proposal in the next two weeks. At the same time, President Trump has been holding meetings with

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  • France Still Alive in Brexit bank Contest

    A government push to make France extra “finance-pleasant” is raising Paris’ possibilities of attracting Brexit-fleeing banks from London although it is raising its sport at a

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Shifting Gears: Finance Advertising Trends

Changes in advertising used by financial services providers shows they’ve let go of the visuals chocked-full of conspicuous consumption & high-end wealth, and for good reason.