The World Agrees: World Cup Matches Should Be Free

Despite her low approval ratings, a dwindling Argentine economy and skyrocketing inflation, the President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, still earned the affection of her citizens by ensuring that the World Cup matches would be broadcast on free stations. The country – home to some of the world’s most passionate futbol fans – denied partnership with a private company in 2009 who proposed attractive reimbursement for exclusive broadcast rights to the world cup matches. This move meant that over 40 million Argentines were able to watch Argentina’s triumph over Holland in the semifinals, and will be able to watch its face-off with Germany on Sunday for the cup.

Access to world cup matches may not be a basic human right, but nearly all countries agree that the games should be broadcast on stations that are publicly available. In fact, even countries that didin’t qualify for the tournament are still showing the games on public or state-owned television.

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