$3000 Bottle of Stoli Vodka Released

The revered Russian brand of vodka, Stoli has just released a high-end expression of their signature vodka that retails at $60.00/bottle, which coincides with the 81st anniversary of the US ban on alcohol. Stoli Elit: Limited Andean Edition is a production run of but only 250 bottles and is a part of the latest release in the Pristine Water Series, a collection of products crafted from water sourced from a variety of exotic places around the world.

The water is the key Stoli says. Sourced from the foothills of the Andes. Other editions have included H20 from the Himilayas, New Zealand. Despite the variations of water the manufacturer uses the same recipe, Charles Passy reports a distinct difference in taste between the Pristine Water Series vodkas. “I get little hints of licorice & lemon,” Passy said.

The turn of the century was a difficult time in America. Easing the pain was even more difficult since alcohol was outlawed due mostly to efforts by The Temperance Movement, which promoted prohibition for many years, believing it the undoing of societies & the cause of most, if not all social ills at the time. Thus January 16th, 1919 Congress passed legislation in an attempt to put a stop to drunkenness, alcohol-related crimes, mental illness and even poverty. For thirteen years, civil delinquency and organized crime actually increased. Then December 5, 1932 the right to responsible enjoyment of alcohol returned.

Stoli is pushing the pricey limited edition bottles on Repeal Day in hopes of promoting their other brand styles. Industry tastemakers admit this isn’t a make or break endeavor for the brand… however clever & classy it may be.

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