Top Mobile Monitoring Apps on the Market

The use of Mobile monitoring apps has spread worldwide due to their user-friendliness and countless benefits. Check out this list to learn more about the most popular monitoring apps currently dominating the world market.

Cell Phone Monitoring

Used for: security, work environment control and personal safety.
What they can do:Cell phone monitoring and tracking apps were developed for use in three cases: parental control, employee tracking and senior tracking. Easy to install, these apps give access to text messages, internet pages, GPS location and recordings of surrounding noises. One can monitor the phone through the PC or personal cell phone (android and iPhone). The recent changes in law require informing the person one wants to track as in the case with employees, senior people and even children.
Leading companies: mspy, pumpic and labtech.
Tips: In order to avoid being tracked one should omit performing jailbreak on iPhone and root on Android, stay alert to consonant messages that include symbols and reducing of battery.

Home Monitoring

Used for: monitoring the building and the surrounding areas for noises; tracking children under 14 age without a babysitter, seniors or sick people and employees.
What they can do: This app is available on iPhone and Android. It allows monitoring home, office or any other kind of building while the owner is away. The installation requires usage of three or more digital cameras that are installed around the desired area. The app can be installed on any kind of smartphone, allowing
Leading companies: biisafe and mydlink
Tips: Home monitoring apps have become very popular among travelers as they can keep an eye a home in case of water leak, fire or robbery. If desired, one can install an immediate alarm system that will notify 911 of any kind of emergency.

Health Monitoring

Used for: monitoring blood pressure, glucose level,
What they can do: Health apps have also gone mobile. The apps and devices are installed on smartphones, allowing monitoring blood pressure and glucose level. Systolic pulse is being sent via mobile; with a help of Bluetooth, patients can check blood pressure anytime and anywhere with no internet connection needed. The app automatically saves a history of your recording, which one can show at the doctor’s appointment. Glucometers as well as blood pressure meters are checked with a help of special wireless devices that get the reading in 3-5 seconds.
Tips: The size of these devices does not exceed 140 mm, making it easy to carry in a purse or a pocket. Although these apps are gaining its popularity, they haven’t yet gained doctors’ approval worldwide. Currently, they are FDA approved in USA, CE in European counties, Canada and approved by the TGA in Australia.
Leading company: iHEalth’s apps are highly supported by Apple and is available on ITunes. There are also eye monitoring devices, ear monitoring devices that are mostly used in the third world countries due to the extreme lack of medical equipment.

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