Why Lawyers Must Start Blogging

There are some careers that are associated with wealth and success as the services of these professionals is always in demand. Law is one such profession. However, the flooding of the market with young and brilliant law professionals has resulted in an increase in competition within the legal services industry. Passing the bar with flying colors and opening your own law firm is no longer an automatic gate pass to success. Lawyers are finding that they have to work harder to get clients.

Many law firms are investing millions into marketing to ensure that they can keep their client base growing. However, some law firms are missing out on a relatively inexpensive but highly effective way of marketing their services, blogging.

Companies in various industries are beginning to recognize the power of social networking and blogging. Many law firms are following suit. If you haven’t already invested some time and money into a law blog for your firm, the benefits of blogging listed below may make you think twice:

  • Blogging will give you an opportunity to connect to your clients on a more personal level. Many internet users prefer to read information from blogs rather than visit company websites. Blogs have that personal touch that readers appreciate so much.
  • Blogging is a great way to provide internet users with information they need and therefore draw them to your law firm. Blogs are an easy to use platform. It is easy to update information on a blog and therefore keep your readers abreast with issues that concern them.
  • A blog will also allow you to get feedback from the readers. Unlike company websites that usually only support one-sided communication, blogs allow readers to comment and even discuss issues. You can offer advice online and establish your firm’s professional reputation amongst readers by providing helpful advice on their inquiries. Readers appreciate this kind of feedback and are more likely to contact a law firm for further assistance based on the feedback they get from their online inquiries.
  • Online marketing is one of the most important forms of marketing you need to invest in today. Most people today will search the internet first for information before they look through other sources. You should therefore ensure that your law firm is visible on the internet. You can improve visibility by having a blog. Blogs increase search engine optimization of your company’s website therefore improving visibility through higher ranking in search engine results pages.
  • Blogging is not only beneficial for marketing; it is also a great way to improve your services. Blogging makes you think more about your field of practice. Feedback from readers can also help you better understand your services from the client’s perspective. You can therefore make improvements

Blogging doesn’t have to be serious business. The great thing about blogging is that it is more like a conversation with the readers. You can therefore relax and simply write about what interests you within the legal world. Many people find blogging to be a great outlet and a lot of fun at that.

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