• virtual team

    Key Differences between Mangers of Co-located and Virtual Teams

    Financial crunches across the globe have forced businesses to become very conscious about picking members of their project teams, which has contributed significantly in growing trend of virtual

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  • brain-mri-scan-meditation

    Recent Studies Show Dramatic Benefits of Meditation

    For centuries, people around the world have experienced the benefits of meditation. But over the past few years, these ancient benefits have been confirmed through EEG and fMRI studies. Recent

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  • IRS

    Letter from IRS Commissioner Paints Grim Picture for 2015

    On January 13th, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen sent an email update to all IRS employees informing them of the current state of affairs for 2015. The language of the letter was very bleak, and

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  • dragons den bbc reality show

    Would You Defraud a Dragon? Fraud Accusations Behind BBC Reality Show, “The Dragon’s Den”

    There are more than enough mythical tales based around fighting dragons to make sure that if you ever came across a dragon in real life, you would be advised to stay out of their way. Having the

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  • hunger-games-thailand

    ‘The Hunger Games’ Banned in Thailand for Inciting Coup Resistance

    NBC has reported that the latest installment of The Hunger Games franchise has been banned from Thai cinemas. The act of censorship came after three people were arrested for using the three

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